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Source Capital Bank

Our Future Bank: The New Standard of Global Banking

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Source Capital Bank

Our goal is to reinvent the banking and financial markets by combining them with the power and innovation of blockchain. Demand for formalized cryptocurrency services is not met by conventional banks allowing us to capitalize on a considerable profit potential in a high margin/volume business based on the newest technology.
We are in a pole position to create one of the world's first Swiss-based Cryptocurrency Banks. By starting anew, we can implement the highest quality software infrastructure, resulting in the ability to surpass even the most seasoned banks.
Current Status


There is great profit potential in this high margin/volume Crypto Banking business based on the newest technology with weak competition. Source Capital Bank has a unique opportunity to become the leading fully FINMA regulated and licensed Swiss Crypto Bank in 2019.

We will become one of the first FULLY REGULATED SWISS CRYPTO BANKS, tailored to offer both traditional banking as well as cryptocurrency services.

Source Capital Bank is a synergistic coadunation of multiple cutting-edge technologies and traditional banking solutions. Source Capital Bank has the winning formula through our next-generation Quantum Blockchain 3.0 automated tokenization platform, a sophisticated cloud infrastructure, High-Frequency Data Center Driven AI Trading Systems, and an Open Currency Exchange.
Unique Banking Services

Powerful Financial Services

We will combine the best of two different industries; banking and cryptocurrency to create the most innovative solution to date.


Traditional banking is outdated and most shy away from offering new services leaving a void with a large demand, so we will combine the best of traditional banking with crypto banking to provide a multitude of different services.

ICO/STO Services

Due to the overwhelming push towards blockchain solutions, we will support the best upcoming projects with entrepreneurs and assist in the fields of financing, software implementation, marketing, legal, blockchain 3.0 integration and more.

Crypto Trading

Crypto trading has recently surpassed equities trading on the NYSE, by integrating a new exchange technology known as an Open Currency Exchange we will provide superior speeds and security with the lowest latency and fees to our customers.

Asset Management

We have developed a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence trading system designed to automate asset management. We have implemented several proprietary technologies as well as investing strategies to create a truly unique platform.
Financial Services

Hyper-Converged Technology

We will integrate Source Capital Bank into our vast network of technologies, products and businesses so that our Bank is the most technologically superior on the market today.


We will harness a powerful Blockchain 3.0 automation platform to create coins for our clients and us as well as offering a turnkey ICO/STO consultation service for qualified applicants.


By utilizing the newest most cutting-edge exchange platform, we can alleviate all risks associated with market-makers and likewise, allow our clients to benefit as well.

Crypto Bank

Our upcoming Cryptocurrency Bank located in Switzerland will ensure all compliance, insurance, delivery, and quality will be in line with what investors, companies, and regulators need.


We will securitize all different commodities on the market as well as properties, energy, antiques and more. This allows us to provide exceptional financial security to investors of our coins.


Our unique financial infrastructure allows us to completely protect our client's and investors assets and offer premier financing solutions that are unavailable anywhere else.


We have developed several proprietary technologies in the fields of automated trading systems, advanced data analytics platforms, hyper-converged cloud technology, and more.

Our Legal Advisory Partners

Partners for Financial Intermediaries AG (pfi AG)

Adrian C. Bürgi

Partners for Bank Incorporation

pfi AG has significant experience creating Turn-Key ready Swiss Banks headquartered in Zurich. pfi AG is regarded as a specialist in highly complex banking structures.

Dieter C. Söhner

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Give us a call or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Source Capital is not yet a bank, however a project to become one - this website is only for information and does not solicit or enable or facilitate any business relationship or services.

Untermüli 6, 6300 Zug, Switzerland

+41 (0) 55 440 96 29