The first fully self-contained financial market. Powered by transformational technologies in quantum computing, artificial intelligence, Blockchain 3.0 and the world’s first Crypto Bank in Switzerland.

10% participation in Source Capital Bank will be granted to select strategic partners on a first come first serve basis. An audience will be granted to executors, associates and their support team at a private conference in Marbella. All principals will be present to meet, communicate, review, and decide on and if there will be a mutually beneficial agreement between parties for a full equity stake, shareholder, and/or coin participation of the first fully FINMA approved and most technologically sophisticated and capable Crypto Bank in Switzerland.

A comprehensive 2-day summit in Marbella will disclose our transformational next generation hyper-converged platforms. A deposit of $100,000 is required for admission and assembly of all parties; principals, technical specialists, legal teams, and financial experts so that all questions and concerns can be clarified completely and there will be a full understanding of the opportunity and capabilities of Source Capital Bank.

Presentations and materials will be provided as well as all necessary legal structuring for maximum profitability and leveraging of resources available.
The deposit goes toward ownership, equity stake, shares, profit sharing, and/or coins depending on the agreement.

Deadline for the execution of this MOU is May 24th, 2019, after that day conferences will be closed indefinitely. Source Capital Bank’s first official coin Litherium ( preferential conditions will close simultaneously.

A private, unique opportunity to participate in the pioneering evolution of decentralized governance, compliance, finance, banking, trading, technology, and Blockchain 3.0.

The future is now.

Please contact our legal representation for more information:

Adrian Bürgi

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